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Step 1


It’s for free and will give you a 14 day’s trial to have a look in our auction system, look up your favourite car(s) and compare prices.

Step 2


Once you have decided to bid on cars we need a deposit of 100.000 yen and for cars over 1.000.000 yen it will be 200.000 yen. Of course the deposit remains your money and will be returned after you have closed your account.

Step 3

Bid & Win

This is the fun part! Before we put your bid through you can ask for a translation of the inspection sheet. This sheet contains all relevant information about the car. Please note that your bid is only for the car.

Step 4

Costs & Shipping

The additional fee in Japan is 98.000 Yen and 2% of the price off the car you have purchased. For that amount we pay the bidding fee, auction costs, Japanese tax, deregistration of the car, transport from auction to harbour, storage costs, paperwork and we organise shipping to every port in the world (price for shipping is around $500-1.500 and has to be paid to the shipping company when you are collecting your car). The paperwork will be sent to your address.

WHY Car Auction Japan?

-with one click you can buy each car every auction-

-everthing arranged to your port of destination-

-clear, easy and transparant-

-lots of experience and 100% reliable-

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